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Dealing with every Customers

Customers are the most precious people in your business,
Though they can be so difficult to deal with.

But if care is not taken, they can even turn your business upside down.

I remembered sometimes in 2011, 
I baked a cake for a lady who happened to be a former school mate.

Before baking, I collected 60% advance payment
which is remaining 40% to be balanced.

This cake wasn’t a small cake,
It was a Golden (50years) Jubilee’s Birthday cake,
I worked myself and other of my staffs out to make sure
that this cake is one of the best.

I did all I could do to even make sure her order is ready on time.

Lol and Behold,
the cake got to her,
she appreciate the appearance and the time of delivery,

It’s remaining my 40% Balance payment right?

I tried to take a chill pill according to her words.

You wont believe it…

After this cake is being cut and eat by visitors,
this lady sent a message to me saying “My cakes are
so Bad that no one could eat it”

She said the cake was so bad that they had to trow it away.

This scattered my mood.

For over two days… I didn’t get myself.

I was thinking if my baking career have not spoil
( for me to bake a cake noone could eat)

But along the line…I discovered I need to learn a new skill
(How to Deal with Customers/Clients in Baking Business)

This skill helped me alot.

Dear {!firstname_fix}

If you are a beginner,
this can discourage you and even make you to stop baking for LIFE.

But… It’s nothing!

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