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What is your Percentage as a Baker?

Happy weekend!

You see…One thing that make the Baking Business to be Discouraging is the fact
that things are not stable.
Just like a wife who cook a sweet soup yesterday and you are expecting her
to cook a more super delicious one today.

You may be disappointed when you taste her soup today.
This is because it may be worse compare to what you have tasted before.

In the world of baking, things may not be stable,
But If you are a professional, there should be a percentage at which your
mistake will be ( Maybe 10/100)

If your mistake is within this range,
Trust me, even your customers will understand.

But as a beginner, your mistake may begin from (50/100) 50 over 100.

Later as you upgrade yourself, your mistakes will start decreasing.

Until you become close to PERFECT.

This is why you always need to Upgrade.
If you are the type who does not care about upgrading,  let me tell you
the truth, this is the worst thing.

This is why you see some ( Street Bakers) who have been baking for 8years
and still at the same spot.

This is because they always leave their brain Unfed.
And your brain is Garbage-in-Garbage-Out.

What you give in, comes out in 10 folds.

Anyway, {!firstname_fix}
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Have a nice time and Bake more yummy 

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  1. Thanks for dis my baking business has drop simply bcos of our e environment myi live in

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