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Why 95% of Baking Business in Nigeria Fails Miserably

Recently, one of my Students in the Facebook Baking Mentorship Community asked me a very Important Question.

“Why Do Most Start-Up Baking Business Fails?”

The answer to this question is what most Bakers will want to know.

Either you are new in Baking or you have been in the Baking Business for sometimes, It is good to know the major reason why most Baking Business has failed in the past in order to avoid them.

So, generally, let’s talk about why most Business fails.

When I was in a Seminar some years  ago, I asked this question and many people stood up to  say different things.

Some will say Poor Start Up, Some will Say Bad Customer Relation and e.t.c

But let me tell you…There are two major reasons why Business Fails, and here are they!

  • Lack of Cash Flow
  • Lack of Good Service

Lack of cashflow is the major problem of most businesses.  Lack of cash flow in Baking Business can be as a result of BAD PRICING.

If you start a Baking Business, Bad pricing can easily take the Business down faster than anything.

Here is what I am saying… If you underprice your Products (cakes), this may cause you not to have enough money to continue running your business.

This may also lead to debt or unavailability of baking materials to keep running.

Although, in as much as you don’t want to underprice your product, you also do not want lose your customers. Over pricing your product can make you lose your customers even faster than a twinkle of an eyes.

Now, let’s talk about Lack of Quality Service…

In the Baking, most of your customers keeps coming because they are satisfy with your service and In order for them to keep coming, you need to keep satisfying their needs. Keep giving them what they want exactly as they want it or even more.

I usually tell my students in the Facebook Private Baking Mentorship Community to always under promise and over deliver.

Most of your customers are not coming because they like you, they are not coming because they are your friends, even though they came because of the love they have for you, If they keep geting bad service from you, and they have an alternative place where they can get a better service, the will jet out.

That means you have just lost a customer… and losing one Customer may later cost you over 10clients.

How to Meet Up With your Customers’ Demand.

Today, to keep on meeting your customers’ demand and stay professional in Baking Business, you need to keep Upgrading yourself.

Take every Advantage that comes your way.

I remember sometimes in 2012, I had a wedding Cake order, this client specify exactly what she wanted and I had no option to get a training on this. This training cost me more than the amount I was supposed to profit from her order.

But, Apart from the fact that that training will help me in satisfy another client, keeping her was so important to me…Infact, at that time, I knew I must not lose her.

If you are just going into Baking Business or you are already in the Business… you should be ready to learn. Learning must be your number one priority.

Do you have a friend who is doing some amazing things in baking that you do not know how to do?

Talk to Her…Ask Questions.

Read Books, Get Manuals and keep developing yourself.

And the good thing is that we are even in the Digital Age, which means you do no longer need to leave the shore of your home or business place before you get access to good training.

Now, with Digital Trainings such as my Cake Baking and Decorating Mastermind, you can fill your free and useless time with training that will help your skill, help your usinesses and also develop you.

Now, you see why I am always reminding you of this Training.

With the training, you can even perform some Baking Magic with the Training Videos by following the step-by-step Guide. In case there is something you have not done before, all you need to do is to take a video from the training Pack, watch it and follow the steps.

==> Get a Copy Here if you Don’t have it

No one is interested in knowing how you achieved success (not even your customers). The Major thing people are interested in is that you achieved it.

By the time you practice this steps for sometimes and you keep reading the Guideline in the Cake Baking and Decorating Bible too, you will become the master of the Game and know how to Bake and Decorate anything either with Butter Icing, Royal Icing and Fondant.

The Irony of it all is that, If you do not know something and you keep mute without doing anything on it… No Magic will happen.

You will remain Ignorant of what you don’t know.

In 2019, if you really need to start getting different result from what you’ve been getting before, you need to start doing thing differently. Take actions more, Plan more and the master of it all…work on Personal Development.

If you keep these in mind, before the Second quarter of the year, you will be amazed!

So, If you ever have Plan to Upgrade your Baking Skill this year and become more professional in order to make more from Baking Business, this training will help you out in a great way!

Get the Baking and Decorating Training Here

I wish you success in your Business this Year!


Baker Ruth

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  1. Ma’am you are really doing a great job for we baker out there…
    I really appreciate your effort so far and encourage for us to be better..
    God will bless beyond your expectations

  2. Thanks am very grateful for your encouraging me,I try getting all your books and videos and personally get taking with you one one one. Once more thanks

  3. Thanks Madam, l must say, my steps were ordered, the day l clicked on your Facebook site. I learn faster with books, and you have provided that platform, Tru your generous ebooks. God bless you. I can do better with the Bible book digital copy. I’ve made a payment,of #7750. Am awaiting the link for the download. Meanwhile, thanks for your generous heart. God bless you.

  4. very helpful tips. Thanks Baker Ruth

  5. Good afternoon MA, I don’t know how to thank you for this, have been anticipating to come across ideas like this. God bless you richly.
    I also paid for the ultimate baking guide but am yet to get any information about it, I need your help have been anxious about it.


  6. Hello ma, I can’t download cake decorating n Mastermind n I have paid yesterday

    • Hello Joy, I am informed that the link has been sent to you,
      Simply type it on the browser of your computer.

      Let me know If you have been able to do this.


  7. Wow! I can’t thank you enough, I am so blessed for coming in contact with you. I’ll be making payment for my cake decorating and mastermind ebook and once that is done I’ll let you know.
    God bless you greatly ma’am.

  8. Thanks a bunch ma’am for the helpful tips, really appreciate…

  9. God bless you ma. So inspiring

  10. This is really awesome man.kudos to u for giving others out there this opportunity to learn.This will really go a long for me in surviving in school. Thanks ma

  11. Thank you so much for this message I will try and get a copy.

  12. Thanks for the mail,I have paid for the traing,download the books am on it now.

  13. Good evening ma’am, I have paid for the BDM&I received my package with the bonuses but I’m yet to be added to the Facebook mentorship page….I’m anticipating for this ma,tnx always

  14. Thanks so much MA i really appreciate your effort.

  15. Thanks so much ma God bless u for this generation, please I want to talk one on one with u I don’t want to miss this opportunity I don’t care how much it will cost me I just went to talk one on one with u, thanks once again bog love from my heart.

  16. Thanks alot Ma God will keep on blessings u with ur heart desires. Amen

  17. You are such a wonderful person may the good Lord bless you and give you more wisdom and knowledge over your ambition more and more in Jesus name I pray amen

  18. Tnx Baker Ruth. You are awesome

  19. Please Baker Ruth i just made a transfer of 9850 for the manual. What do i do next? I have also send the sms to voni multi media.

  20. good evening ma’am is a great thing that you are doing God will bless you and all or o ohwofasa

  21. Thanks for this ma’am

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