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Dear Baker,

Let me take a wild guess… You are tired of doing your cake things the same way, you want to have a better skill so that you will be upgraded and do the baking business in a new dimension. You are tired of getting those nothing for something customers who hardly pay for good jobs. Maybe not only that, you are also tired of having customers complain about one or two things after delivering your Cake to them.

As you read this letter, I want you to keep your eye opened, take your time As I am about to take you through a 3 step strategy to Upgrading your baking Business and becoming a better baker in 2019.

One thing in Baking business is that, the level of skill you have always has a lot to do with the kind of orders you get…  the types  of client that patronize you and even how you confidently charge.

If you are currently not getting enough orders or maybe you are not getting the customers that knows the Value of your job, or maybe you are getting a  one or two issues with any area in Baking… Trust me, I understand.

This is because I was once in The Shoe

12 years ago, I started my Baking Business with some sought of happiness, I was happy to finally start my dreamed business after about 3 years of learning.

When I started my Baking Business, I used some strategies gotten from my then boss to attract people so that they can at least have a taste of my baking Job.

At the Long run, I got some customers infact more than my expectation. But this time was when I knew that getting customers without good skill is like a poison to business… Unknown to me, my skill was just too limited. I was not a sound baker like I should be, there are many things I could not do when it comes to Baking.  And when I begin to get these customers, I was just too frustrated and out of this world. Until I got some secrets…

THE TOP LITTLE KNOWN Steps to Become a Professional Baker Faster Than You Can Imagine…

Take your time to think of every professional you know, either in baking or other successful profession in life. You will realize they have something in common.

Every Professional had a professional that lifted their hands… in form of a Mentor, a coach etc.

This secret is what many people may just not want to tell you, but the truth of the matter is that, before you grow in Baking Business to become a professional, you need a mentor…

So let’s quickly check the 3 steps I am talking about that could fast-forward your journey to becoming a professional baker faster than you can imagine.

Step 1 – Get a Mentor

In life, there are two things… It’s either you go through it all alone or you take a shortcut by leveraging on someone else’s experience, expertise and knowledge to get your way up.

You can go through it all alone, which may take you sometimes. It may take you many tries and errors, many months if not years but, if you are the focus type, you may finally get there after a long time. This system does not work for many people because they will end up losing it on the way. We human being mostly prefers a seamless system that will not stress up much.

Another way is to get a mentor who is ready to show you their exact system, their experience, the good and the bad and everything you need to know.

This system seems to be the fastest for anyone because by leveraging on another person’s experience, you will directly know where you may encounter problems and how to literarily sought them. You will know what to do at any stage when any challenge comes your way.

In Baking Business, getting a mentor who is ready to take you up is key, it helps you to become a guru faster than you can imagine.  Although this is not so commonly found in Baking Industry, but if you are lucky to get one either online or offline, Don’t miss the opportunity.

Step 2 – Choose a Niche

In Nigeria, Most Bakers just do their thing. They do anything that comes.

In baking world, choosing a niche allows you to be a professional dominant of a certain category.

Come to think of it, the most successful companies and people always have one thing they’re known for. And they focus on refining and honing that particular skill.

Apple has the iPhone. Coca Cola sells carbonated drinks. Sony does electronics.

Think of Coca-Cola for example, there are many types of drinks in the world, but this people never leave the area of soft drinks.

So, what is a Niche in Baking?

If you are a Cake Baker, stick to your business, don’t do Jack of all trade.

It is good to think you can be a Baker and Event decorator or Adding Catering to your Job as an extra source of income, but I will boldly tell you this, this will only disfigure your job.  It is either good to leave Baking and choose any other area you think will help again and be a dominant of that area, or you continue being a baker and keep dominating your Market, keep upgrading your skill and keep growing.

Choosing a niche in the Baking industry is a key. If you have not done that before now, honestly, you should start thinking of a niche to choose immediately… Don’t jack all trades, be a professional at one.

Step 3 – Take Advantage of Every Opportunity

I remember 12years ago when I started my Baking Business, I was desperately looking for a way to be better and become one of the Gurus out there.

I keep on attending any Baking event that comes my way, paid and free.

I spent a lot of money until one day, when a goldmine came my way online.

You see, you may just be passing over many opportunities online or offline.

These days, there is a lot of online training opportunity out there to help you achieve your aim of becoming a professional [ Like the Baking & Decorating Mastermind ] that I have been telling you about…although, most of them may not be free but some are worth more than the price you will get them, trust me, you will still find some of the professional Bakers who are ready to share their experience and knowledge to train you for a cheap amount online.

And if you keep your fingers cross, you will stumble on one someday.

So, What Do You Do?

I know by now you will be asking this question, what do I do now,

Where do I get started?

How do I Upgrade my Baking Skill and become a better Baker?

These are important questions…Twelve years ago, I was also confused, I wanted to upgrade my Baking Skill and I don’t know where to start.

But, I took it upon myself to be better, so I went for everything that looks like gold until I stumbled on a Goldmine and today, I am a better Baker.

This is why I have created a Platform that breaks down the Step by Step method that you too can use to upgrade your Baking skill from Beginner to Intermediate and from Intermediate to a Professional just within one week.

On this Platform,

  • You will learn Some amazing Secret about Butter Cream Icing, Royal Icing and Fondant which is different from the everyday things you know.

  • I will Teach You the Personal Techniques I use to make my Buttercream, Royal Icing and Fondant which has been working for me in a Unique way for over 5Years.
  • You will learn the Perfect way to Make Your Own ButterCream, Royal Icing and Fondant which is Uniquely Different from what Everyone Else is Doing ( This is a New Method)
  • You will be exposed to a Step-by-Step Guide on how to Make the Normal Everyday Fondant and also expose you to 5 other types of fondant that is not so common amongst Beginners and Intermediate… Trying these Fondants will make you so Unique and Different from other Bakers in your neighborhood.
  • I will teach you How to Make Up to 20 Different Cake Toppers with Fondant which can be used for your cakes or cupcakes. Cake toppers make your Decortion Unique and look professional.

Infact, these are just the highlight of what you will be learning from this Platform… The platform will teach you a lot and transform your baking skill within some weeks to a professional and guru Baker.

Get FREE Access to the Baking Platform











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